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Counter Strike: Condition Zero AMX Mod X and Death Match

Posted by Srinivas on May 2, 2008

Counter Strike: Condition Zero AMX Mod X, Death Match, and Add-ons.

Apart from it being a great game, there are many more add-ons for Counter Strike (CS) and Condition Zero(CZ). These add-ons are third party plug-ins created for better game play. One of these add-ons is AMX Mod X. This is the most widely used and comprises of many advantages in the game play.

AMX Mod X Installation:

You can get it from this website

Install it as follows:

The setup file you download installs amx mod x installer. Then run the installer.exe. It shows the following window during its installation. If you use the amx for hosting a normal gaming server in your PC for your local area network(LAN), select the last option “Select mod directory.”

Now install folder selected should be “CSTRIKE” or “CZERO” folder respectively for cs and cz.

That’s all installation is complete. To verify the work, start new multiplayer game, open the console(by pressing ~ button beside 1) just type amx, you should get the words shown below. Type amxx plug-ins, it will show the pugins installed, check in the mod you have installed amx i.e CS or CZ.

AMX Mod X Advantages:

Mod helps in controlling the game options. You can type AMX commands in the console to control the game options.

Some amx commands:

amx_statscfgmenu – shows a menu to configure statistics.

amx_map mapname – changes map

amx_vote q op1 op2 – displays a vote to the players

amx_pausecfg – to pause the game.

Using its features:

The AMX Mod X uses other plugins also to make the game play different than normal. Stats plugins can also be used to show the statistics of game play like ranks of the players. Some plugins can be added to change the game play. For example, Death Match plugin, Gun Game plugin, etc.

Installing Death Match Mod (CSDM):

Installed AMX Mod X would create an “addons” folder in CSTRIKE or CZERO folder in which ever you have selected.










*.amxx files (actual usage)


*.sma files


*.amxx files (output files)

1. Download the package from

2. You will get the following in the package




csdm_mod.amxx etc.

3. Put the “csdm” folder in “…\amxmodx\” folder. This folder is needed for random spawn points.

4. Put the csdm_mod.amxx in “plugins” folder, and add the text line “csdm_mod.amxx”in the end of plugins.ini. If this does not work in the game, compile the csdm_mod.sma, and put the output file csdm_mod.amxx in the plugins folder.

Compiling: Put the csdm_mod.sma in scripting folder, run compile.exe. Output files will be placed in “compiled” folder.

5. Restart the game, restart a multiplayer game. You should get the Death Match directly. You can disable the csdm by adding a “;” semicolon in front of the line csdm_mod.amxx in plugins.ini file.

Playing Death Match (CSDM):You will spawn at random places in the map, just go on killing enemys, you will have a menu to select from all weapons. And you spawning is continuous.

Installing Gun Game Mod:

View Folders above for referance.

1. Download the package from

2. Installation is very much similar to that of Death Match Mod. Just add the contents of each folder of the package into the czero\addons\amxmodx folders.

3. Just compile the gungame.sma file with your amx mod x as stated above, in case of any problem.

4. Gun Game should work well.

Playing GunGame: You will have rounds normally, a gun is given to you automatically in the spawn time. But it starts with a least best pistol. Your gun will be upgraded with your kills.

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16 Responses to “Counter Strike: Condition Zero AMX Mod X and Death Match”

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    Thank very much… It’s all works properly… :D

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  5. darwin said

    guys i followed the instruction and i get error message what i have to do.. Plugin “gungame.amxx” failed to load: Module/Library “cstrike” required for plugin. Check modules.ini….ks.than

  6. J. Nong said

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    what is hl booster??

  7. didnt find
    files in the package

    • himanshu said

      copy the files in the folder addons winto the folder addons………….
      in the folder config you will find the file required in next step

  8. Vaibhav Rane said

    hey guys it says The Instruction at “0x241f8977″ referenced memory at “0x01cdf5c0″. This memory could not be “read”.

    Click OK to terminate this program. what to do ?

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  13. Mark said

    hey… i’ve got stuck on this..:

    Now install folder selected should be “CSTRIKE” or “CZERO” folder respectively for cs and cz….. it’s possible if you guys show step by step, i still dont get it… sorry..

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